Pressure Sores: Can I Claim Compensation?

If you, or a loved one has developed bedsores while being a resident in a nursing home or a hospital, where everyone receives a set standard of care, how could anyone possibly develop bed sores?

This can be answered with one word: Neglect.

UK laws require that the facilities that provide care for others (such as hospitals and nursing homes) are required to make sure that residents do not develop bed sores because they are much easier to prevent than to cure.

Also, residents and families of residents are legally allowed to seek compensation from facilities that fail to provide their loved one the legal standard of care. Despite the fact that these laws would seem to spark incentive for facilities to take better care of their patients and residents and should prevent them from happening, however this is not always the case.

To ensure that you or your loved one receives compensation to recover from the bedsores your loved one has suffered through, please contact us for free and impartial professional advice from our team of experts.

In terms of liability, whether nursing home or hospital, negligence can come from anywhere. Nursing homes are notorious for neglect far too often it has been found that they give improper medication, provide inadequate bedsore wounds care and they fail to report bed sores or admit patients to a hospital when necessary.

Since the record of treatment will stem from the nursing home or hospital itself, these records will be under the scrutiny of your solicitor and medical experts that will conclude whether your loved one has suffered neglect or not. Allow us to fight your corner.

You will have every opportunity to get the compensation to help you recover from bedsores.

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