Prescription Error Claims

Errors in prescribing medication can have very serious consequences for the patient. An error can occur on the part of the doctor writing the prescription, or on the part of the pharmacist dispensing the drug. A doctor may make an error in the dose of the drug, or the actual name of the drug, as well as prescribing a drug to which the patient is know to be allergic. A pharmacist may issue the wrong drug, or the incorrect dosage. These can all result in the patient sustaining a significant injury.

Whatever the error, we can help you claim for your injury and get you the medical attention you need to get your independence back. We are expert lawyers with an understanding of how vital it is to get you the much needed help and compensation to which you are entitled.

Why Make A Claim?
If you have suffered an injury as a result of a prescribing error, you may be entitled to claim compensation. An injury resulting from a prescribing error can have a serious impact on your quality of life. We want to ensure you peace of mind, and the necessary assistance to allow you to enjoy life once more. Our specialist solicitors have years of experience of helping people who have suffered injury due to another’s fault or negligence.

Supporting Your Needs
An injury resulting from a prescribing error can range from the merely unpleasant to something which has a serious impact your quality of life. As a result, you may require various forms of assistance. If you have a serious disability, this could involve obtaining the equipment you require to keep your independence, and modifications to allow you to be mobile within your own home. In addition, your ability to work may be affected by the injury resulting from the prescription error and we can assist with vocational re-training and assessing the financial costs to you of being unable to work for a period, or changing employment. The financial impact of all these things can be substantial. This is why it is vital to make a claim so we can ensure you obtain the settlement you deserve and require to safeguard your future.

Why Choose Curtis Legal?
At Curtis Legal, your claim will be handled by a specialist team of solicitors. We have many years experience in dealing with clinical negligence claims. We have extensive experience of conducting clinical negligence claims which have settled at all stages up to that of full Court hearings, with substantial awards being made to claimants. Curtis Legal offers an honest no win no fee service.

If you feel you have a claim for an injury which has been the result of a prescription error, it is essential that you receive specialist and independent advice. We can help you claim compensation for the injury and any financial costs which you have incurred as a consequence of the negligence. We appreciate claims for compensation can be stressful but we aim to ensure that the process is dealt with as quickly, efficiently and professionally as possible. We are always happy to come and see you in your own home, so you do not have to worry about travelling to meet with us.