Personal Injury: Fatal Accidents

For many people, the loss of a family member as a result of a fatal accident can be completely overwhelming. This immense grief and shock can make it difficult to take into account the additional financial concerns they could be facing.

However, apart from the huge emotional trauma of losing a loved one, one of the main issues following the death of a family member is often an increased financial strain. If the fatal accident occurred due to the wrongful act or negligence of another party, making a fatal accident claim for compensation can help to prevent future financial problems, and can be crucial if the victim was the main breadwinner of the family.

There are two main parts to the claim, the victim’s claim and the dependents’ claim. There is also a separate statutory award for bereavement.

Victim’s Claim
If the victim suffered physical or emotional pain or distress prior to their death then this part of the claim will include compensation for these. Compensation will also be awarded for the victim’s financial loss between the time of the injury and their death. If the death occurred instantly then there will not be compensation awarded because there will have been little or no suffering to the victim.

Dependents’ Claims
If a family member has been dependant on the victim for financial support, they can make a claim for the loss of that continuing support, as long as the accident was the result of the wrong act or negligence of someone else. Family members who can make such a claim include a child or person treated as a child, grandchild, parent or guardian, grandparent, brother, sister, aunt, uncle or child of brother, sister, aunt or uncle, husband, wife, former husband or wife and cohabiters living as husband or wife for at least two years.

Statutory Award For Bereavement
In addition to the victim’s claim and the dependents’ claim, there is an additional damages payment following a fatal accident – the statutory award for bereavement which is a lump sum payment.

In a successful fatal accident claim, this sum is payable by the negligent party to a bereaved person following the death of a partner, spouse or child under 18, even if the deceased had no claim for pre-death injury and there was no loss of income or benefits for dependants.

Spinal Injuries
We Provide legal help and support for people who have had Spinal Injuries through no fault of there own. At Curtis Legal we will get you the medical attention that you deserve.

Whatever the cause, we can help you claim for spinal injuries and get you the medical attention you need to help you get your independence back. Whether Its financial or medical help, We are expert Lawyers with an understanding of how vital it is to get you the much needed help and the compensation that you are entitled to. We want to ensure you peace of mind. It is vital to make a claim so we can ensure you the settlement you deserve. Our specialist solicitors have years of experience of helping people who have experienced dealing with spinal injuries. It’s important you choose an experienced solicitor with the correct expertise, also to understand what your needs are so they can get you the correct back injury compensation to help you get your independence, health and financial lifestyle back. We will get you the settlement to cover the loss of earnings you have lost from a result of the trauma that has been caused in your life. We can help you claim spinal injury compensation for any injuries and any financial costs which you have incurred as a consequence of the incident. We appreciate claims for compensation can be stressful but we aim to ensure that the process is dealt with as quickly, efficiently and professionally as possible. We can even arrange home visits if required.

Causes Of Spinal Injuries
Spinal injuries are a result from damage done to the vertebrae. A traumatic spinal cord injury may be caused from a abrupt blow to the spine that compresses your vertebrae or spinal cord. Damage usually occurs over following days or weeks because of inflammation in and around your spinal cord.

Common causes of spinal injuries are from Road traffic accidents, work-related accidents, sports injuries, assault or medical negligence (complications in surgery).

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