Pressure Sore Injury

Sometimes our ageing loved ones need a little bit of help. There comes a time when moving into a nursing home makes sense. You would certainly hope that your family member gets the attention and care they deserve. You would hope they continue to maintain an active life and engage in activities outside of their rooms. Unfortunately, neglect in nursing homes and hospitals are all too common.

Residents, unable to move well on their own, are left in bed for hours, if not days, at a time. Many develop pressure sores. These can be painful and cause infections and other health complications. This is something no one should ever have to experience.

Are you eligible?

Has someone you love experienced pressure sores because they received inadequate care in a hospital or nursing home?

Nursing homes in the UK have a responsibility to take care of their residents. If they don’t, they must be held fully accountable. Our team of highly experienced solicitors are prepared to help you demand the money you and your family deserves.

Now is the time to assert your legal rights, and claim compensation for the discomfort, pain and suffering of the neglect that caused the pressure sores. We can discuss your case in detail, obtain medical records and start the process of claiming the compensation you deserve.

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Common sites of Pressure Sores

For people who use a wheelchair:
• Tailbone or buttocks
• Shoulder blades and spine
• Backs of arms and legs where they rest against the chair

For people who are confined to a bed:
• Back or sides of the head
• Shoulder blades
• Hip, lower back or tailbone
• Heels, ankles and skin behind the knees

Can I claim?

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Recent Settlement Case:

We obtained £42,400 compensation for Mrs A who developed a pressure sore having been given an epidural during childbirth. She had been unable to move for a few hours as a result of the injection and developed a pressure sore to her sacrum. The sore took a few months to heal at what was a crucial time with the birth of her child. The hospital admitted that they had been negligent in her care and the client was very happy with the terms of the settlement achieved.

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